Design & Project Management


Over 72000 sq. m successfully completed constructions projects

Currently managing more than 49000 sq. m of office and industrial projects

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International clients

Design Services


Building Design (incl. Design Adaptation)

Architects have a key role in the development process. MBL’s team is ultimately responsible not only for the project’s image, but for its efficiency, ergonomics, and future financial performance. Our extensive market knowledge and cross-functional teams allow us to deliver contemporary and efficient office, residential, hospitality, and industrial Building Design.

Commercial Interior Design (Office, Hotel, Retail)

With a great number of successfully completed Interior design projects, our design team has helped our clients improve their office environment, optimize occupant circulation and eliminate underutilized space, which in turn helped them retain and please their valuable workforce.

Concept consultancy, Design efficiency review, Asset value improvement

The success of each project relies strongly on its proper concept. Our Design team benefits greatly from the broad market overview of our cross-functional teams. This allows us to consult our clients in formulating complete and coherent Design terms of reference for their future development or analyzing their existing Concept design and recommending improvements which will make it sustainable and cost-effective.

project management

This service allows our Clients to focus on their core businesses while having a trustful partner who is in charge of collecting and analyzing the relevant information before advising on the most appropriate solution.

Construction Project Management and site supervision

We coordinate the project from inception to completion and ensure its objectives are achieved and requirements are met. Our Project Management team acts as a focal point and ensures prompt and diligent management of design, schedule and budget. We handle tendering and procurement, oversee execution and design compliance, prepare and conduct the final handover.

Project Management of Fit-out works

This service allows our clients to focus on their core business while we make sure their new office space is delivered on time, within budget and up to their standards. Our team manages the execution schedule and budget, conducts tendering and procurement, collects and analyzes information offering optimal course of action while keeping the client always informed and in charge of all final decisions.

Dilapidation Management and Move Management

This set of services aims to complete the full scope of our expertise and showcases the true depth of our contribution to the initiatives of or clients. The Dilapidation management aims to restore previously occupied space to the way it has been handed over to the tenant. The move management allows for a seamless transition to the new location, either over the weekend or through a staged relocation process.

technical services

These services are designed to assist potential buyers, sellers, or developers in identifying existing limitations and opportunities, in order to make an informed decision regarding a possible transaction or development. They serve as a tool to reduce the risk in buy/sell transactions through a step-by-step process of research and analysis.

Loan Monitoring

Through this service we verify and control the accounts and utilization of all project expenses thus allowing our clients a transparent view into the financial flow throughout the entire development process.

TDD and Building Condition Survey

Collecting thorough information prior to acquiring an asset is essential. By conducting a Building condition survey, our team is able to identify and verify all present building features in terms of Architecture, Structural, MEP installations, Health and Safety and provide an outline on the overall condition of the facility.

Area Measurements Surveys (BOMA, IPMS)

Area measurement is fundamental in calculating a lease or a selling price but is often unclear since local measurement standards don’t comply with international standards (BOMA, IPMS). A complete building measurement offers a clear understanding of the net area and the load factor, which brings clarity and inspires trust in all prospective tenants.

Preliminary Site Assessment

А fast shortlisting of possible plots subject to a land acquisition transaction, allows possible buyers time to focus on a reduced number of viable options. Through our Preliminary site assessment service we quickly identify red-flags associated with the plots which leaves enough time for a full-scope TDD on the shortlisted options.

Technical Due Diligence

The full-scope Technical Due Diligence is essential in identifying issues or restrictions prior to a land acquisition transaction. We collect and analyze all the relevant documentation from the Municipality and Utility companies and then provide our clients with the information needed for an informed decision.